AHA: Comparative Study of Aginf and HEalth in Asia



Study Affiliates





Aging in Developing Countries Network

Rapid Demographic Change and the Welfare of the Elderly study

TRENDS - Evaluating Old-Age Disability and Health Trends

National Institute on Aging

The Population Council

Bureau of Health Promotion, Department of Health, Taiwan

Indonesia Family Life Surveys (RAND)

National University of Singapore

University of the Philippines

Pan-American Health Organization, Aging and Health

Population Studies Center, University of Michigan

Michigan Center on the Demography of Aging (MiCDA)

The Impact of the AIDS Epidemic on Older Persons (with a focus on Thailand)

Developmental Idealism Studies at the University of Michigan

Réseau Espérance de Vie en Santé (International Network on Health Expectancy and the Disability Process)

Research Network on HIV/AIDS and the Elderly

Research Network on AIDS and Older Persons in Africa and Asia

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